FGA FIT CAMP #getfittexas

FGA (Feel Good Again) Fit Camp is dedicated to creating Mid/high intensity cardio and weight training group workout programs coupled with natural herbal supplements and our own custom meal plans. To help you lose weight, increase strength, cardio vascular endurance and live a more healthy lifestyle.

Date  October 4th 2014 9:30

**NEW Location***

Metro Flex Midcities

1820 Reliance Parkway, Suite 100

Bedford, Texas 76021
Phone: 817-266-8082

WIN!!! $1000 if you meet your weight goal the fastest (in your weight class)

Live DJ, One on one’s with local D.C’s, Physical Therapist and Fitness Specialist. Special guest by 3 olympian champion’s come see what we are all about!!!


Our Challenge Includes. #getfittexas

  •  FGA Banner
  •  FGA Food Chart
  •  FGA Weight chart
  •  FGA Supplements (optional)
  •  FGA Meal Plan
  •   Optional workout meals (Pre-workout Tea, Recovery Herbs or Plexus Drink

We encourage you to ask your friends to join our challenge.  Our clients have experienced lowered blood sugar, blood pressure, weight loss and lower cholesterol levels.

Member Requirements

All Members must:

  •   Create a My Fitness Pal account (Updated 3x’s a week)
  •   Attend 2 workouts a week
  •   Pay all challenge fees
  •   Attend 1 client appreciation/ weigh in meeting per month.

Challenge Packages

Bronze Fit Pack $120 ($120 Savings)

  •  3 months 1 Herb of your choice
  •  3 months Free training
  •  FGA survival kit

Silver Fit Pack $240 ($240 Savings)

  •  3 months of Sea Moss
  •  3 months of Perfect Food
  •  3 months Free training
  •  FGA survival kit

Platinum Fit Pack $275 ($250 Savings)

  •  3 months of Sea Moss
  •  3 months of Perfect Food
  •  3 months Free training
  •  3 months of workout meals (Pre-workout Tea, Recovery Herbs)
  •  FGA survival kit

Winnings payout are as follows $500 Cash and $500 in FGA Supplements. 

Weight classes 

        • 50+ lbs and up
        • 40 or less lbs

Click the image below to see our gallery!

2014 Gallery

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