Did you know?

​​Weight lifting increases bone density. Just working out a minimum of twice a week. Will strengthen your bones and your body.

Tips for Diabetes 

Normally with diabetes we see a few common issues one is bad digestion, 2 is increased blood sugar and 3 is no supplementation.
And of course not knowing that certain foods make the situation worse.

Foods that help lower blood sugar
– Green veggies
– Sweet potatoes
– Beans

Foods that aid in digestion.
– Green vegetables
– 7 grain breads
– Grains

Good supplements.
– Omega 3,6 & 9
– Spirulina

Foods to stay away from:

White food. ie bread, rice…
Sweet food. Desserts, candy…
Sweet drinks. Even diet.

Some type of cardiovascular exercise is necessary at least 30 minutes twice a week. To increase blood circulation and ensure your heart is not getting weaker.

 This could be walking, biking, treadmill etc..

Did you know?

​Your muscles naturally get weaker atrophy) As you age. Working out slows this process and in some cases stops it.